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360 SPINNERS are $50.00

What is it ??? - Its something i came up after having one of my 80's flashbacks. They usually consist of wearing a mix of spandex/ ripped up jeans, teased long hair with way tooooooo much hairspray but on this day for some reason i was thinking about ZZ Top.. Do you remember seeing that old ZZ Top Video ( legs )Billy Gibbons spins his guitar and I thought it was cool as hell..... After scouring the net to find one..I couldn't so i made one....
I have pics of the proto-type on here but i have made a few changes to make it easy to adapt to any guitar with a Back Plate....
( Back plate-ya know that 4 dollar rectangle plastic piece that covers your springs on the back of most guitars ) SO YOU DONT HAVE TO MAKE ANY MODS ON YOUR FAVORITE SIX STRING. 50 bucks if you want one. I also have a BASS GUITAR model.. Email me you if you'd like to buy one. I have them on ebay sometimes but i make them 10 at a time and ive been selling a lot of them lately so I might not have them in stock. In case your wondering....Will it help you play better - NOPE!!!

SHIPS WITHIN 2 DaYS of payment. US LOCATIONS ONLY spintheguitar@aol.com if you have any questions.
Short video...

Long video

Misc Video of me playing an IPHONE guitar It has nothing to do with a 360 but i thought it was kinda cool..